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Our Mission


Our mission is to provide clear, open and easy to understand immigration advice with great emphasis and focus on client care.

We also want to provide access to British Education at all levels globally. We aim to ensure that all international students receive accurate and open guidance including support to achieve their academic goals by networking with select schools, colleges and universities in the UK and beyond.

Immigration Service:

We are committed to provide the most client friendly, professional and clear immigration service. 

Student Consultancy:

GSN’s vision is to ensure that students, professionals and business people new to the UK have a trusted partner for support when establishing themselves in their new environment.

Our business proposition is to provide students, professionals and business people with up-to-date, research-backed, personalised advice and practical assistance.

To do this, we believe every client is different and therefore require a personalised and dedicated service on which they can rely on before or during their stay in the UK.

Relocating can be an exciting, challenging and at the same time an anxiety-fraught experience. Work, family and the time zone differences between UK and your home country can all make the process of relocating seem very daunting.

Whether you are planning to study, work or start a business in UK for the first time, uncertainties and difficult challenges may present themselves.

Here at GSN we aim to alleviate anxiety by understanding our clients' needs and aspirations, and by providing them a timely support so that they can make the right decisions.























We are GSN immigration advisers based in Harrow, for clear open and honest advice please call 020 8150 6709 or email our dedicated customer service team on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or complete our registration form for a FREE initial consultation!

OISC Registration 

Authorised to provide Immigration advice at OISC Level 1

Registration number: F201300803