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Spouse Visa


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You may be looking to apply for a spouse or dependant visa from within or out side of the UK. The forms and docuemntations may vary slightly depending on where you apply and we will help you make sure you have all the correct douments to submit with your application. Sometimes even deciding which form you need to use to make an application can be confusing. We are here to ensure all goes well and that your visa application is successful.

Apply to join family living permanently in the UK

You can apply for a visa to join a partner or family member who is living in the UK permanently 

Apply to remain in the UK with family

You can apply to extend or switch to a 'family of a settled person visa' to remain in the UK with your partner (eg spouse) or child 

The requirements may vary depending on whether you apply from within the UK or from abroad, however below are some requirements that are common:

  • English at A1 level certified by a UKVI approved provider
  • Minimum earnings or savings as a spouse without any children £18,600
  • A job or offer whereby one or both of you earn a minimum of £18,600 without any children
  • Accommodation details shwoing the space is enough for the number of people applied for
  • Valid marriage / relationship documents
  • Evidence that shows you live together such as proof of address
  • Photographic evidence of marriage ceremony
  • Evidence that your relationship is genuine and will continue

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